Cigrek Capital Middle East Crypto Funds

Uniting regulation and decentralization

There is a demand for cryptocurrency funds in the market for alternative investments. However, many investors are wary of investing in cryptocurrencies because they fear fraud.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make Dubai a safe space for all investors of Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets globally. We will make Dubai the go-to destination for all fund managers who trade in Crypto Currency and Digital Assets.

How Does It Work?

Our aim is to make investing Cryptocurrency easy and safe. Cigrek Capital Middle East has an umbrella-structured fund platform in the UAE. This allows us to create fully licensed Crypto Funds. We are taking Crypto trading to the next level, making it possible to gain investments from retail clients in the UAE

Cigrek Capital Middle East services for launching fully licensed Crypto Funds in Dubai:

Opening a new fully regulated Crypto Fund in Dubai

Seeding your new fund

Marketing and scaling of your fund

Migrating your Crypto fund to the UAE domicile

Your own segregated sub-fund in Dubai


For more information on how we can help you set up your own dedicated sub-fund on one of our existing platforms, please contact us.